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Heya! Thanks for stopping by my little corner on Neocities! I'm a freelance 2D illustrator and comic artist with a huge love for space and aliens. I hope you enjoy your stay!


6.21.22: Minor changes to the left and right sidebar along with the index page! Removed the footer.

6.15.22: Merged the Blog and Microblog!

6.14.22: Update to the Caltonia landing page! The comic will be live very soon~

6.12.22: Commission subsite is officially live!

6.7.22: New art in the gallery!

6.5.22: New subsite just dropped! Say hello to the Pokeshrine! This site is now part of the Neocreatives webring!

6.2.22: HAPPY PRIDE from your local nonbinary friend! Added a a vibing Kirby to all pages of the main site!

5.31.22: New custom font installed! This font is

Sysfont by Alina Sava!

5.27.22: by talos this can't be happening...Every page on the site (except the gallery pages!) should be mobile friendly as of now!

5.24.22: New art in the 2022 gallery! Minor design changes to the site and new posts in the blog and the microblog!

5.20.22: Updates to the 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014 galleries! New art in the 2022 gallery!

5.8.22: Huge overhaul to the blog archive!

5.7.22: Added a page for old site layouts!

5.4.22: A new site button was added! It can be found on the the enter page or in extras

4.18.22: Overhaul to the microblog!

4.17.22: Overhaul to the Cinnaverse homepage!

4.14.22: Created the Sitemap!

4.9.22: Design overhaul for the gallery and its pages!


3.31.22: Major update to the homepage. New art added to the 2022 Gallery.

3.26.22: Update to the Cinnaverse Aliens page.

3.23.22: Minor updates to the home page and the About page. New art added to the 2022 gallery.

3.18.22: Moved 2021 blog entries to the blog archive.

3.17.22: Home page is now mobile friendly!

1.13.22:Added the 2022 gallery!

12.18.21: Updated layout to 2020 gallery and 2019 gallery!

12.1.21: Layout redesign for The Cinnaverse, added Cinnaverse Residents, Cinnaverse Aliens, Cinnaverse Planets, and Cinnaverse Guides. (These links are all broken but stuff will be added in due time!)

11.27.21: Added more art to the 2021 gallery, updated front page design, and updated the Caltonia and Star Quest pages with art and logos.

11.18.21: Updated the 2021, 2020, and 2019 galleries. Will add more art to them later!

11.17.21: Added the Blog section!

11.11.2021: Added Beta Galaxy, along with new images and added Sketches and Doodles to the gallery!

11.9.2021: Updated Webcomics, Gallery, and Cinnaverse with new links and images!

11.6.2021: Minor updates to the About Section

10.4.2021: Added About, Gallery, The Cinnaverse, Extras, and Webcomics. Basic site design setup.

11.13.2020: Site creation

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