Kris ★ 1998 ★ Non-Binary★ They/Them

Heya, I'm Kris! Welcome to my little space! I'm a freelance digital artist who's getting into comics and I stream on Twitch as a hobby! I also love space and aliens!

Here's some other places you can find me at!:

About the Site

This site was made in September 2020! I started this site mostly because I wanted a space of my own! I wanted a space where I could host an archive/gallery of my recent and past art, hosting my webcomics, a place where I could put all of my worldbuilding stuff in, AND have the freedom to edit and customize however I liked! That's a lot of stuff!! But the reward is totally worth it! Anyway in this site you can find my gallery, webcomics, and info on the Cinnaverse, my worldbuilding project!

Who's Nebby?

Nebby is my sona, or persona!

What's the Cinnaverse?

The Cinnaverse is my decade old universe project! It's filled with different planets, alien species, and much more! Check out The Cinnaverse for more info on the universe!!

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Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope you enjoy your stay! ★★