Welcome traveler, to the Cinnaverse! A futuristic sci-fi/fantasy worldbuilding project inspired by my love for space, aliens, the Kirby series, among many other inspirations!

The year is 3550 UB, or the 13th Aeon, depending on which calendar you follow. The universe was created by the elusive deity named "NEBYX" 14 billion years ago. The universe has been through some ups and downs in the past, but it seems like everything is beginning to settle down once again...or is it?

Here you'll find info about the residents of the Cinnaverse, the various species that reside here, and maybe learn about the deities who created this universe!


11.3.22: Updated calendar and season info for Ma'riine.

10.26.22: Fixed dead links and added Aaleni, Uchiffe, Bugroo, Irapea, Medevla, Primavera, and Osmos.

10.22.22: Added more images to Planets along with the images to their respective galaxies, added more species images and info to Ma'riine.

10.21.22: Added Planets and added a link to Residents. Added images of species to Azmorfa, Ma'riine, and Techchia.

10.20.22: Added Froola, updated planet images in Beta, Kappa, and Alta. Updated planet names in Ceros and Orino.

10.19.22: Added backgrounds to Azmorfa and Ma'riine , Iluna, Gouloon, Techchia, and Prestoria.

10.8.22: Updates to the info in Azmorfa and Ma'riine . Added Techchia, Gouloon, Iluna, and Prestoria.

9.28.22: Changed up the font! Added Azmorfa and Ma'riine . Both pages are a WIP, enjoy the placeholder text, lol

9.13.22: Changes to the style, added the CRT filter by Tealcrows, site is a little more mobile friendly now! Added the history timeline!

7.7.22: Added History, Transportation, and Languages!

7.5.22: Updated the Society page.

7.2.22: Made some design changes to all of the galaxy pages!

6.28.22: Layout and design change for the whole subsite!

6.4.22: Edited layout for the Beta Galaxy!

6.1.22: Added the rest of the galaxies! Kappa Galaxy, Alta Galaxy, Ceros Galaxy, Orino Galaxy, and the VOID.

5.30.22: DESIGN UPLIFT! The site now uses a custom font named "Sysfont", found here!

5.4.22: Minor updates to the Beta Galaxy page

4.21.22: Added the Galaxies page.

4.17.22: Basic site design set up.

4.17.22: Homepage is being worked on!

4.16.22: Started working on an overhaul of the Cinnaverse section. It's a subsite now!