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NAME Ma'riine
GALAXY Beta Galaxy
SYSTEM -- System
MOONS 2 - Sera, Fi'i
SIZE Medium Size
HABITABILITY Class A - Habitable
SOCIETY Alpha Class
KNOWN SPECIES Aquama, Sharilli, Teuthi, Pouple, Nautilo, Grand Nautilo, Sluggle, Isogin, Eeliphray, Usta, Nefi, Shellamp, Ursqueak, Cetaselark, Mer'ange, Mersiren, Arii'ne
COMMON LANGUAGES U'ulamine, Kau'ulamina, Galax

Planet Ma'riine is a planet composed almost entirely out of water, with water taking up most of its landmass.

Its inhabitants are well versed in water technology inhabit both the surface and underwater.


Planet Ma'riine was a planet that joined the Universal Union alongside Gouloon in the year 0000 UB.


On the surface, Ma'riine has 4 main continents: La'ainu, U'uta, Kaululia, and ???.

In the continent of La'ainu, you'll find the Ri'ipa Islands, consisting of the small island Boba and the larger island Ulo'o. In addition to the Ri'ipa Islands you'll find a group of villages that are situated directly on top of the planet's natural growing fungi. La'ainu is also home to two bodies of water: Teauni Sea and Sefa'a Ocean. Teauni Sea is home to an underwater city with the same name, home to a large population of the Teuthis and the Sharillis. Sefa'a spans the area surrounding La'ainu along with the area to the very north.

South of La'ainu you'll find the continent U'uta. U'uta is home to three main islands: Ube, Pera, and Mapi.

On the opposite side of Ma'riine, you'll find the Kaululia Continent, home to the Kaululia Islands, composed of the islands Kaululia, Ali'lono, Uname, and Nu'ulo.




The months of Ma'riine are based off of the phases of its moons, Sera and Fi'i. Each months lasts about 28-30 days long. After 13 phases, a year will pass.

The moons affect the tides and the seasons reflect that. Ma'riine has three seasons: Ma'ukani, Kau'pa'oli, and We'kepu'ona.

Ma'ukani occurs at the start of the year, it affects the months Pa'u, Ai'i, Heahea, and Lua. It's the stormiest season. The tides are high, it's rainy, windy, and tsunamis may occur (they're a little rare). It's also cold!

Kau'pa'oli occurs in the middle of the year and affects the months Nea'a, Baui, Kulutea, Ohalu, and Sea'a. This season is sunny, warm, and the tides are neutral. It can get a little hot around this season as well.

We'kepu'ona occurs at the end of the year. It affects the months Be'a, Auai, Lia'i, and U'ualu. This season is like a mix of the two other seasons. It can get rainy and windy, however it can be warm and even a little humid. The tides during this season are low.