still under construction, more updates to come!

The Cinnaverse has been around since 2011! It started out with a story idea with a teen who's dream was to explore the galaxies (Star Quest ) and expanded from there. When I first created the Cinnaverse, there were 8 different galaxies and each galaxy had 6 planets each. A majority of these planets are still around under different names!

That was Cinnaverse 0.0. Cinnaverse 1.0 is when I started getting a grasp on the universe, but I had...removed the galaxies and only had one central galaxy?? This central galaxy was named the Laguna Galaxy (became the Beta Galaxy) and was made up of two parts: Laguna Galaxy and the far Laguna Galaxy. The Far Laguna Galaxy became the Epo Galaxy for a while, before I merged its planets with the Beta Galaxy in Cinnaverse 5.0.

Cinnaverse 2.0 is when I re added galaxies! Names have been tossed around, changed, and merged with other galaxies.

After Cinnaverse 2.0 things sorta stayed the same for a while? I changed names of planets and galaxies, removed some, merged some, up until Cinnaverse 5.0 when I overhauled all of the galaxies and planets!

In Cinnaverse 5.0, instead of keeping 6 planets to one galaxy and having 8 galaxies, I decided to have only 5 galaxies, with however many planets in each one! I kept the names of the Beta, Kappa, and Orino galaxies, and added Alta and Ceros.

Oh, you were here for the timeline??

Go here if you wanna learn about the in-universe history of the Cinnaverse!