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~14 billion years ago:

  • XXXX - NEBYX created the universe and the start of the flow of time. They created the first stars, the planets, and the first signs of life.

  • XXX0 - Around this time, Avaci, Etoile, and Nova were created.

  • XXX1 - Planet Etolia is created.

  • XXX2 - More planets and galaxies are created. NEBYX begins to take their depart and go dormant, leaving the universe in the hands of Avaci, Etoile, and Nova. They have a strong bond and it shouldn't be broken.

  • ???? - Life on Etolia takes form. It seems that they appear similar to NEBYX and the Deities...

~13 billion years ago:

  • ~13,500,000,000 - Life on Etolia has evolved.

  • ~13,450,000,000 - The Star Sanctuaries are built on Etolia out of respect for the Deities. The first Star Festival is believed to held at this time.

  • ~13,350,001,000 - The corruption is spotted on Etolia and was successfully expelled by Astra Warrior Exta.... or was it?

  • ~13,350,000,999 - The Astra Warrior Alliance is created. Their duty is to protect Etolia from harm should the corruption ever return.

~4,500 years ago:

  • The last known Drakken on Medevla dies. History of them and their society, culture, and language is kept deep in a library for safe keeping.

~3,700 years ago:

  • The Tetrias of Triama perfect space travel and begin exploring nearby planets in their system and those in their galaxy.

~3,500 years ago:

  • -500: The Tetrias accept that their actions on Triama have caused the planet to rapidly change its climate. Soon, it won't be habitable for any Tetria.
  • -490: The Tetrias being making note of possible planets to move to and terraform.
  • -470: Tons of planetary compositions are tested...but still no results.
  • -430: The situation on Triama is becoming dire and some areas have died off...but good news, the exploring Tetrias have found a planet!
  • -431-421: Efforts are made to move the Tetrias to the new planet as its being terraformed. More die off as a result of the climate. The robots on the planet will definitely outlive the Tetrias, so they're tasked with keeping Tetria lore.
  • -370: Triama is quickly becoming unhabitable. The robots are doing just fine though! :]
  • -330: Triama 2, orbiting the gas giant Kerosa, has been fully terraformed.
  • -150: The planet Triama is devoid of organic life. It's now home to the robots left over from the Tetrias, now named Automatria.
  • 148-140: Multiple survey ships travel back and forth to Triama 1 to confirm that there's no more sentient life. All that's left are the cities they used to inhabit and the robots that are taking care of the planet.

  • -70: A communication signal from a different civilization is heard on Azmorfa. Astronomers go wild!!
  • -60: The civilization calls themselves the Techchians. They're trying to find other civilizations like themselves.
  • -50: The Techchians visit planet Azmorfa and the two societies trade ideas for perfecting space travel.
  • -30: Space travel between Azmorfa and Techchia is improving, the two societies travel the galaxies together.

Year 0000 UB ~ 0 Century:

  • 0000: The Universal Union is established between Azmorfa and Techchia. Planets Aquamarine and Gouloon join the union as well
  • 0150: Space travel is improving. Tons of planets from neighboring galaxies have joined the Union and everyone's sharing resources.

Year 1,000 UB ~ 1st Century:

  • 1200 - The climate on Automatria is lowered to safer levels that are habitable for the Tetrias, however the inhabitants of Triama 2 are unaware of this.

28th Century:

33rd Century:

  • ~3300 - Ivaanian invasion of Vox, Caelux, and other nearby planets.
  • ~3310 - Alliance with planets Irapea and Lacel ... this doesn't look good.

35th Century:

  • 3500 - Spec takes over control of Ivaaz termina from their dying parent, and they have some (not good) plans...
  • 3510 - Ivaanian eradication of planets Beetledeo and Oxu, kickstarting the Universal War.
  • 3513 - Spec is assassinated by Isix, their child, in an attempt to stop the war and invasions. As a result, they become the new sovereign.
  • 3514 - 3524 - The rebuild of Ivaaz Termina. Planet Eos is closed off to outsiders.
  • 3515 - Planet Telepas joins the Union.