it's a wip!!!! still under construction!!!!

The universe is massive. With such a huge universe, how does one get around? By using spaceships, starships, and space trains!


These are meant for in galaxy travel between planets and can hold just a few aliens! Think of it as a car.


These ships are meant for in galaxy and between galaxy travel! They're like flying houses that can hold more than just a few aliens and often have multiple rooms for different purposes.

Space Trains

Public transit! This is a public service that anyone can use to get around from planet to planet and to galaxy to galaxy. There are two types: Intergalactical Trains, trains that don't leave a galaxy and Exogalactic Trains, trains that do!

Space Stations

It's what it says on the tin! These are massive mechanical structures that are situated between planets and galaxies. They're cosmopolitan structures and anyone's welcome to land on them!

Some are there to explore the shops and attractions, while others may be there to charge their ships. Some may be waiting for the next train.

Most ships run on stardust, light, and electricity. Some ships have run on fuel gathered from one's planet, however this method is outdated and its practice stopped with the extinction of Triama 1 in -148 ~ -140 UB.

Some older starships from Ivaaz Termina have run on energy collected from various suns throughout the galaxies.