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Sysfont Font

Most backgrounds on this site are from Kirby's Adventure

Some useful resources!

W3Schools, I used this for help coding my site!

Pureref (For Windows) and VisRef (for iPad), both are useful resources that help with gathering reference images and keeping them in one place!

Prospect App: a program for Macs that lets you view Procreate images!

Me? Gongaga

Pixels (Android) and Pixels (iOS), A simple mood tracking app! I've been using this on and off since 2020.

Daylio, another mood tracking app and sections if you wanna get into journaling!

Obsidian, a note taking program/app! As of writing I recently switched to this app to organize my head when it came to worldbuilding. So far, I love it!

YEAH, PIECE OF CAKE (Volume Warning)

Chihuahua Spin

Cool sites!!!