This only details the society as a whole. To read about the society of individual planets, check out the individual planet pages!

The Universal Union

A majority of the planets discovered are part of a union called the "Universal Union". The Universal Union isn't run by a single society or entity (that'd be against its rules!). Instead, it's a group of planets and societies that work together to provide resources, easy access to space travel, universal translators, and among others to planets!

The Union was created ~3,550 years ago in 0000 UB, just 50 years after the arrival of the Techchians on planet Azmorfa. There the two societies traded ideas and collaborated on how to perfect space travel and from there, they began to travel the galaxies in search of planets that housed life.

The terraformed planet Ubo is the hq of the Universal Union as of 0270 UB. Previously, it was held on Techchia and Azmorfa prior to Ubo's terraforming.

While surveying planets, the Union created the Planet Class System, a system to categorize planets based on their size, composition, and safety to other forms of life.

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The Universal Language: Galax

The Union has also created the language Galax! A universal language that's spoken off planet in space stations, on cosmopolitan planets, on Ubo, among others! While planets have their own native languages, Galax is spoken for someone who isn't native to said planet.

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The Universal Currency: Glim

And lastly, the Union has created a currency system called Glim! It's a colourful currency that was inspired by the currency of planet Gemma. The amount will rise or fall depending on the colour of the stone and the symbol on it!

Smaller amounts such as Pix and Pixim don't have a symbol on them and the amounts are determined by the colour. Rix is determined by the colour and the circle shaped symbol in the middle. Arix is determined by the colour and the square shaped symbol in the middle, and Glintix is determined by the colour and the triangle symbol in the middle.

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Planet Class System

The Planet Class System is a system that was designed to categorize planets based on their composition, size, and society. With so many aliens traveling through the stars, it was important that a class system be created, as a useful guide for anyone travelling!

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