Welcome to the funky pokezone! Enjoy your stay!! :]

I'll get to formatting later on I just wanna get this up here sdfhbk

Currently travelling through Hisui and the same time!?

June 8-9, 2022

WE GOT FANTINA'S BADGE AYOOO. I was. Struggling a bit. Actually. I don't remember the last time I struggled so much with a gym or boss fight in Pokemon (Volo doesn't count lmfao), I believe the last time was Lurantis in Alola and the time before that... Norman in Hoenn?? ANYWAY I was glad to get her badge!

We welcomed Sorei the Ralts to the team, who immediately evolved into a Kirlia! And Volo evolved too!!

On the second day we battled Maylene and got her badge too! Currently I'm on the search a Shiny or Dawn stone huhu

Here's the team currently!

June 7, 2022

Still working on the Pokedex. Spent most of my time in the coastlands searching for Pokemon who's entry I haven't completed or caught yet, and during that, I encountered a shiny Tentacool! I risked my life twice trying to catch it but it was worth it!!!!

Look at this little guy!!