Welcome to the funky pokezone! Enjoy your stay!! :]

Currently exploring Paldea!

December 13, 2022

Exploring Paldea has been so much fun!! Since my last entry I learned that there were 400 Pokemon in the Paldea dex, which is wild!!!!! I'm actually getting very close to endgame, I've beat all gym leaders, Team Star members, and titans too!

My Pokedex has gone up significantly too! I think it's at around ~179??? I have a LONG way to go, but that's the fun of it! I think this is the most motivated I've been to catch all of the Pokemon since Arceus, haha. Since I started I've been playing for the experience and story!

My endgame team will be: Piquant the Skeledirge, Denjuu the Ampharos, Riniri the Azumarill, Rymo the Gallade, Upa the Clodsire, and Kirby the Tinkaton! I hope they can carry me to the end HAHA

Here's a ton more photos, hover for captions!

It might be a bit, but I'm heading to Area Zero next. I've had my eyes on it since the map was revealed, I can't wait!

also holy fuck the tera raid theme slaps so hard. toby fox strikes again with another banger

November 26, 2022

Hi hello what's up I'm in PALDEA this time! I intended to write an entry last week when this adventure started, but lately these days have been getting away from me, haha.

So far I'm ejoying my time! One of the things I was eager about was not only the LORE, but completing a living Pokedex for the region! It was one thing I knew for sure I wanted to do since its a new region. Tbh, I'm surprised at how many Pokemon from different regions there are here! I expected to see more Paldean Pokemon and maybe one or two older gen Pokemon.

The starter I chose was Fuecoco, who's currently a Crocalor and who's name is "Chili"! My team so far is: Riniri the Azumarill, Upa the Clodsire, Denjuu the Ampharos, Kiko the Hariyama, Chili the Crocalor, and Hebi the Dunsparce! My Pokedex is currently at around ~75 or 77!

I'll be updating the Poketeams page once I finish the main story and post game so I don't get spoiled while searching for sprites, lol

Here's some more photos! I love these completion photos you get after completing an event! Hover for some comments!

I'm still in the very early part of the game. I'm really just taking my time with it! Most of my attention is going to the Pokedex right now, haha.

September 8, 2022

Since my last post, I've jumped from Platium to PLA, to Silver, to Ultra Sun, and recently, Moon. I do plan to go back to those games to replay and complete the dex, but for now I'm enjoying my time in Alola!

I'm inching closer to the end of the main story and making progress with the Living Dex. I've played through Moon when it released in 2016 and considered just keeping the file and continuing the dex, despite transferring my team and all of the Pokemon I caught to HOME, but I ultimately decided to delete the file and start a new one! Also that file had a name I no longer go by and it would be hard to ignore, haha.

Here's my current team!

And here's my current progress on the Alolan Living Dex.

July 15, 2022

I started creating a living Pokedex! Last night I spent the evening organizing all of my Pokemon by number in Pokemon HOME. Here's my progress so far.

While organizing, I realized how little Pokemon I have from Kalos, Alola, and I am planning to play through those games again sometime in the future, now that the Pokemon and teams I had on those save files are in HOME. But for now, I'm gonna stick with Sinnoh and Johto. I plan to play through Crystal once I finish Platinum!

June 8-9, 2022

WE GOT FANTINA'S BADGE AYOOO. I was. Struggling a bit. Actually. I don't remember the last time I struggled so much with a gym or boss fight in Pokemon (Volo doesn't count lmfao), I believe the last time was Lurantis in Alola and the time before that... Norman in Hoenn?? ANYWAY I was glad to get her badge!

We welcomed Sorei the Ralts to the team, who immediately evolved into a Kirlia! And Volo evolved too!!

On the second day we battled Maylene and got her badge too! Currently I'm on the search a Shiny or Dawn stone huhu

Here's the team currently!

June 7, 2022

Still working on the Pokedex. Spent most of my time in the coastlands searching for Pokemon who's entry I haven't completed or caught yet, and during that, I encountered a shiny Tentacool! I risked my life twice trying to catch it but it was worth it!!!!

Look at this little guy!!