Welcome to the layout archive! Here you can see all of the layouts the Galaxy has had since it launched!


v0.0 - November 2020

The first layout created! It was nothing but some text on a background, but it was a huge step for me! Unfortunately I don't have a screenshot of the site on desktop, so this mobile screenshot will have to do.

v0.2 - January 2022

Around this time I picked up coding again and began to flesh out the site!

v0.3 - January 2022

Gave the site a proper header!


v1.0 - May 2022

Version 1.0 of the Galaxy! At this time I had a consistent theme for the front page, however many pages were still in the WIP stage!

v1.1 - July 2022

Some changes here and there, trying to figure out a good homepage layout and find a home for everything! Also added Kirby at the bottom. He's always welcome. :)

v1.2 - August 2022

The last version of the Galaxy before I gave the site an huge design overhaul.


v2.0 - September 2022

Version 2! Since I got the hang of coding, I felt that I could get a little more creative with the site. Version 2 is the result of that! Plus all of the pages were consistent with the design I had in mind!

v2.1 - December 2022

The current layout! Some slight changes to the 2.0 layout but still overall the same!