Kris ★ 1998 ★ Non-Binary★ They/Them


I'm Kris and I'm a freelance illustrator an variety streamer from Califonia, US! I've been drawing consistently since I was about 5 or so, and I started taking art seriously when I was around 18! I've been active online since 2009. I'm also really, really enthusiastic about space, aliens, and worldbuilding!

I'm currently working on two webcomic projects, named Caltonia and Star Quest, with the former already launched and updating! I'm also working on a future illustrated novel named Endaria. You can learn more about these projects in Projects!

My largest project, the Cinnaverse, is at the heart of what I do! It's a worldbuilding project I started between 2009 and 2011 and acts as an extended hub for all of my stories.

Why Neocities?

I've always liked the idea of having your own little space online! It's something that was entertained to me back in 2007 with Suta-Raito along with many others. I even remember having dreams about it as a kid, but I didn't learn how to code and didn't know where to start. Some of the only coding experience I had prior to creating The Galaxy was playing around with the HTML on deviantART's custom boxes, back when you could code on the site if you were a premium member.

When I was introduced to Neocities sometime in early 2020, I wanted to try creating a personal site again and I was determined to do so! I initially wanted this site to be an archival site for my past and recent art as I was moving away from deviantART as my main gallery and wanted to start moving away from social media altogether. While working on it I realized it could be so much more, so I was even MORE determined to get it off the ground!

I think it's important for people online to have a apersonal site of their own. As an artist who remembers the days of customizable deviantART, YouTube, and Twitter pages, seeing the slow removal of these features really!! Rubbed me the wrong way! Limitations were added and none of them were fun to use as they were back in the day. Neocities offers what the most used sites doesn't, and I love that about Neocities. It's freeing!

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