Star Quest is a WIP sci-fi fantasy webcomic about a group of space traveling aliens banding together to save their universe from total destruction! The friendly god turned evil, Dark Energy, has released themselves from their prison and is threatening the safety of the universe!

Follow Kris and their friends as they search all around the universe to remove Dark Energy's influence from the planets!

Star Quest's inspirations are the Kirby series (namely KDL3 and Kirby 64) the webcomic Cucumber Quest, and my general love for space and aliens! If you're a fan of those, you may like this!


Kris // 17 // He/They // Azlo

Our main character! Kris is a teen who left home to explore space indefinitely.

Twizzle // 17 // She/Her // Amorfan/Devillon

Twizzle is a teen who recently joined Kris and Purvall's adventures.

Purvall // 17 // They/Them // Piralli

Purvall is a teen who's interested in anything related to the Star Deities.

Mana // 14 // They/Them // Frutian

A little guy!

Yunne // 17 // They/Them // Techchian

no talk me angy.

AJ // 17 // They/Them // Phantoman

A funny guy!

Avaci // 14-something billion // She/They // Deity of Peace, Life, and Space

she's trying her hardest to keep it together

Etoile // 14-something billon // He/They // Deity of Peace and Rebirth


Dark Energy // 14-something billion // They/Them // Former Deity of Space

how did they get out???

Hoxi // 13-something billion // They/She // Novin

star warrior!

NEBYX // Older than the universe // They/Them // The Creator