Hello and thank you for your interest in commissioning me!

Below is my terms of service, which lists what I will/won’t draw, usage policy, and the commission process.
By commissioning me, you’re agreeing to the terms of service.
If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me an email at cinnamuffart@gmail.com!


  • 18+ content, such as sex, fetishes, nudity
  • Detailed characters or objects, such as vehicles or complex machinery
  • Hate art of any kind
  • Realistic/Hyper-realistic content
  • Political, racist, discriminatory content


  • Your fan or original characters
  • Your friend’s fan or original characters (with their permission of course!)
  • Fan art of characters from games, movies, TV shows, etc.
  • Minor blood/gore


  • I won’t accept your commission without image references! I won’t work off of a description. Please send at least 2 references for each character. The more the better!
  • Average turnaround time varies depending on the type of commission; ranging from a couple weeks to a month or two. I try to finish them within a month of ordering.
  • I’m unable to ship a printed version of your image to you. You are free to print your image once I send you your completed image though!


  • I reserve all rights to the commissioned image.
  • I reserve the right to display the commissioned image online to promote myself and to use as an example for future commissions.


  • You do not have the right to sell your art as NFTs or use for AI.
  • You’re free to crop, use as an icon, and post it online, but if you do, you must credit me as the artist. Do not claim as your own.
  • The image will be signed, dated, and will have my watermark. You are not permitted to remove the signature, date, and watermark.


  • I won’t start your commission until you have paid me!
  • All payments are made through Square Up invoices sent to your email.
  • Because Square Up is only available to a few countries, if you live in a country where Square isn’t available, I will accept PayPal as an alternate!
  • All prices are in USD.


The commissioner sends me a form through Google Forms with their commission. Once received, I’ll send them a confirmation message through Twitter, Instagram, email, or dA, depending on their preference.

After, I’ll send a Square Up invoice to your email with the total of the commission. You have 7 days to pay.

Once paid, I’ll start the commission. Your commission will also be added to the commission queue once it’s been paid. Once I finish the sketch, I’ll send you a WIP of approval before I move on to the rest of the commission. Minor fixes such as placement and slight fixes to the pose are free, but redoing the sketch entirely will include a fee that ranges between $2 - $5, depending on the commission type!

When I finish the drawing, I’ll send you a WIP. Any last minute changes, such as colours or shading can be discussed. Any major changes such as redrawing it, you will be charged 75% of the original price.

If no changes are needed, I’ll send you your commission. Enjoy!