NEBYX, The Creator of the Universe December 28, 2022

Originally posted to Tumblr on December 6, 2022.

And here we have NEBYX! your local space cryptid

NEBYX, the Creator of the Universe

Little is known about NEBYX in the Universe and is simply known as “The Creator” in legends and myths. Their own offspring knows little about them as well as they had limited interaction with them before they went dormant.

The only recorded evidence of their existence and presence in the Universe seems to be on planet Etolia, just shortly after the birth of the Universe. From the perspective of their offspring and the Novins who encountered them in the 1st Aeon, they were silent and seldom spoke.

Instead of speaking, they’d make hand gestures to speak. Other times, they’d just stare…and suddenly you knew what they were thinking and feeling. They currently reside in VOIDSPACE, where they’ve been dormant since they left the state of the Universe in the hands of their offspring.