Twizzle the Azmorfan/Devillon December 6, 2022

Originally posted to Tumblr on December 4, 2022.

Moving onto the next character, we have Twizzle!

Twizzle the Amorfan/Devillon!

This is Twizzle (she/her)! She’s an Amorfan/Devillon from planet Osmos. Despite being both Amorfan and Devillon, she’s never visited her parents’ home planets. She would like to, though!

She’s the newest member of the Star Cruiser and found herself joining after Purvall found her in the ship’s food storage. After some begging and pleading, the two allowed her to stay on the ship and live with them.

Her story is that after an incident with her parents, she found herself in an orphanage. She………didn’t like the orphanage. After a few months of living there, she ran away and found herself in a space station and hopping from planet to planet, in search of another home. For several months she stole food from vendors and ate what she could.

Twizzle is curious, enthusiastic, and just a little impulsive. She’s confident and is the first to jump up to a challenge and to defend to her friends! She can also throw and take a punch, too. ✊💥

You can read more about Twizzle on their page here!