Purvall the Piralli December 4, 2022

Originally posted to Tumblr and Cohost on November 14-15, 2022.

Figured I'd start introducing some of my characters on this blog, so I'm gonna be cross-posting for a bit!

Purvall the Piralli!

Time to introduce this guy! Purvall (they/them) is a Piralli (giraffe inspired alien) from planet Yoello. Their interests include exploring and studying the ruins of ancient civilizations, learning about the deities of the universe, and learning about the secrets of the universe.

Before leaving home in search of more ruins, they spent their time working on a family farm and selling fruit and veg that they grew on various planets.

They’re a nerd and a bit of a scaredy cat, but they’re really passionate about their interests.

Purvall is also a character in my WIP comic, Star Quest. I like to think of them as the lore expert so if it's something related to the universe, the deities, and the Novins, they're likely to know about it!

You can also read more about Purvall on their page here!