It's December + Old Character Designs! December 2, 2022

It's December and there's...only one month left until 2023!? What is this????

Anyway, to whoever is reading this, I hope you're well! I've been well and doing a lot of reflecting and thinking.

Most of this stuff I don't want to put out online and only keep in a private journal, but in short... mentally, I've been well! I really think it has something to do with me being more social, open, and keeping a postive outlook, something I've been trying to focus on this year. I wasn't the most positive person in my late teens and early 20s (24 counts as mid-20s, right) and it affected those around me. ANYWAY UM not wanting to get into too much detail, I just want to be a positive influence to those around me!

One night I was working on Purvall's OC page and going through some old art to put up on their page, I came by some old character designs I was proud of at the time and decided to redraw some of them! All of them are characters I had around 2012-2013!

On the left is Chrono and Cheyanne Darkstarius. On the right is Stareen and Jingle.

Chrono, who is sort of a non active OC currently, was...something something they kept track of time. It's been about 11 years since I created them so all of the info about them is fuzzy! They kept track of time in the universe, and stayed in this realm called "Time Stop" that had a giant clock. Here's some old art from 2013!

According to the first pic, apparently Chrono in their earlier concepts was linked to Star Quest?


The second character is Cheyanne Darkstarius! Cheyanne was part of the family of deities called the Darkstarius family! She was a troublemaker and frequently got into arguments with her parents (creators of the universe, aka Avaci and Etoile at the time lol), so she was banished to a planet named Rugaboo (planet Yoello).

She came across this hat or entity called Dark Energy, which infected her and turned her evil! Oops. She was the antagonist of this story/game idea I called Lost Colour, where the protags Byn and Jen have to return the colour to their planet with the guidance of a Novin named Starla. I would love to talk about Lost Colour and other Star Quest concepts, but I'm gonna stop it here! It'll be in a future blog post for sure. Cheyanne isn't an active character anymore, but Dark Energy is, haha.


Stareen was a "boss" for Lost Colour, since it was also a game concept. That's all! I don't have any lore for them or anything, haha. I did use their design for the Novins though, here's a comparison!


The last character is Jingle! Jingle was a character that lived on Medevla as a jester to King Picot. Kingdoms don't really exist on Medevla anymore (maybe in some regions?), so maybe Jingle would be a performer of some sort if I were to revamp them?

Jingle goes back to 2009 and had a completely different colour scheme, but I couldn't find it... I'll update this entry if I do end up finding it though!