OC Pages + WIPs + Doodles November 10, 2022


I don't have too much to share in this post aside from some WIPs and doodles I've posted over this month so far.

I've been working on adding OC bios to the site lately! I had a template I was working on some months back, but I didn't really like it, so I redid it and came out with a layout that I liked! Here's a couple of progress screenies.

And the final version with Dark Energy's page.

Now that I had a layout I liked, I began adding characters! A lot of them don't have renders aside from some doodles, so I started creating renders of them. Here's some of those sketches. I also posted these WIPs to my Tumblr, which I've been using more often lately. It's nice to come back to Tumblr after years of not using it.

And lastly, here's some silly Star Quest doodles!