Caltonia + Sketchbook + Worldbuilding September 17, 2022

Good and exciting news! I finished the first chapter of Caltonia and it's scheduled to launch on Tuesday, September 20th! Currently I'm in the middle of fixing up the site and changing what needs to be changed before then. I'm gonna take a month break from comics and pick up Caltonia again in late October to start working on Chapter 2 sketches and Chapter 3 thumbs!

This is super exciting!!!! I can't wait for you guys to read it!

Here's some recent worldbuilding doodles!

Over these past few weeks I've been poking at the language used on planet Etolia, Etolian. I wanted it to have this "ancient" sort of look to it since it's believed to be the first planet created by NEBYX that had life. I hope I acheieved that feel to it. I went and created a letter guide for each symbol and put it to the test with the image on the left.

I was thinking, the ancient Novins (inhabitants of Etolia) were curious about what was beyond the planet they lived on, so it would make sense that they'd be interested in space travel. Their means of getting to space was much different than the means of societies that came after them, as the Novins used something called Aeos.

I wanna detail this in the Cinnaverse site later on, but Aeos just another word for magic. The Novins used this to help power their ships and travel across the galaxy. Their aeos ability was only able to get them around the Alta Galaxy at this time, but there was a group who managed to make it to the Kappa Galaxy!

Anyway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! back to the image on the left. I was thinking more about how Purvall became interested in the history of the Novins and the universe. I like to think it started with a couple journals in a box they found lodged in the ground on their home planet, Yoello. These journals belonged to an Astra Warrior named Xoxys (more about them in another blog post hehe). Purvall couldn't read the language in the journals, but it did have sketches and info about the flora and fauna that lived on Yoello billions of years ago. They also found a Galax (universal language) translated version of Axtral's journal in a library, essentially a summary of their life as an Astra Warrior and had info of planets they visited.

Playing with designs of flora and architecture on Yoello (left) and Azmorfa (right). The bottom house on Azmorfa's page is also Kris's house, the main character of Star Quest!