Comics and Worldbuilding September 6, 2022

There is! A massive heatwave in Cali right now! Help!

So Caltonia is in it's final two weeks before it launches! As of today, I have about 6 more pages to render so that I have a 20-something page buffer, which is good! The last of the pages have their flats done, so all I need to do is add the shading/higlights, and add a blurred chromatic abberation filter to the rest of them.

Caltonia is coming! I hope you're just as excited as I am!

I also wanted to share this!

Over the weekend I decided to worldbuild and work on the languages heard on planet Yoello (left) and Ivaaz Termina (below). I finished the written script for Yoello, but I still need to work on the written script for Ivaaz. I got the spoken script down though!

The written script didn't translate well into what I wanted, so it's gonna need to be tweaked.

I don't have a pronunciation guide for Iva'anese yet, but "xh" is pronounced like "z" and x is pronounced like "sh". When it comes to conlangs I usually just sratch the surface. Alphabet or orthography, sentence structure, verbs, pronouns, and basic stuff like that! Something that gives someone an overall idea of how it works haha

Some various Star Quest and worldbuilding doodles I've done over these past couple weeks!