SPLATOON 3! SOON! + Weekend Day Trip August 25, 2022

I got word that the Splat 3 Splatfest Demo went live yesterday, so I spent last night exploring Splatsville!

There's so many nooks and crannies to crawl into and I LOVE how expansive it feels compared to Inkopolis Square and Plaza. Literally one of the things I wished Splatoon 1 and 2 had was more areas to just walk around. I love the world of Splatoon (and worldbuilding) so this is eye candy for me LOL. Seeing the closed off sections got me excited for what Splat 3 has in store when it comes out in a couple weeks!

Last weekend I went on a day trip to San Fran with a friend! We visited Japantown (which I haven't visited since mid 2016 or so, I was eager to go back lol) and SF's botanical gardens! It was super nice to just get out, hang with friends, and be around people. Here's some photos!

Sometime ago I mentioned that I wanted to change the design of my site. Here's how that's going right now! There's still a lot I wanna add and edit, but it's a start!