3DS woes and Concept Art August 7, 2022

Just something short! I'm currently trying to find a New 2DS XL or a New 3DS XL to replace my regular one when it comes to intensive games. I've had my purple 3DS since 2012 (got it around the price decrease haha) and while it still works, it's definitely slower than it used to be! While I was playing Moon earlier the system was chugging to load during double battles and totem battles. :[

Hell, the 3D option doesn't even come up anymore during battles and it did before... Anyway! I'm looking for a new system that's close to the retail price. I think going forward I might just use that 3DS for less itensive games. Hope I can find one!

Here's some recent Star Quest related doodles!

The image on the right is semi related to my reaction to seeing beta Dark Matter from Kirby 64 for the first time haha. It was definitely...unsettling LOL. Figured I put Star Quest Kris in the same situation since a similar scene occurs in Star Quest when the two meet for the first time.

Some concept art for chapters 1 and 3 of Star Quest!

Left is architecture/house designs for planet Froola! Right is architecture and flora design for planet Primavera. The inhabitants love detail, so I hope I can reflect that in the architecture.

And a scene from SQ chapter 2! Rips in space is...concerning. This is also a reference to Barnard 68 lmao. Except it's like. an actual void.