Redesigning Hanzo and Kotaro June 6, 2022

Got some new doodles for today, a redesign of some older characters, Hanzo (left) and Kotaro (right)!

I've been thinking about these two on and off recently. Mainly Hanzo, so let's start with them! Their story is basically the same as it was when I created them. They suffered a huge loss at a young age and only had their companion Azuna with them, before being adopted by Kotaro and their family.

They lived with Kotaro up until they were 18 or so, when they decided to leave the village and chose to be a nomad. Now they wander the different countries of planet Edon with Azuna, just going where ever the wind takes them. They do have a special sense that tells them when a disaster is about to happen. This could be saving anyone from a fall, saving anyone from a large object from falling on them, or arriving as a disaster is occuring. Anytime someone's life is in danger, they'll show up.

Hanzo keeps to themself, is generally quiet and peaceful, and it can be hard to get them to open up! They have a fear of fire and their favourite flower is the sunflower.

Time for Kotaro! I'm still reworking them but they're Hanzo's best friend, and is the complete opposite of Hanzo! They much more open, a funnyguy, and they can get along well with anyone and everyone. Even though the two are very far apart in distance, they still make time to sit together and catch up!

Here's Azuna.

They've been Hanzo's companion since they were a young child and is the only remaining member of their family, as their parents, siblings, and their companions perished in a fire that erupted in their village. They're inseperable and have a close connection to the point where they both know what the other is feeling.

Azuna comes off as threatening due to their size and eyes, but they're very friendly! They like cuddling, hugs, sweets, and basking in the sun. They can also shrink to a size where Hanzo can put them in their pocket or sit them on their shoulder.

And lastly, here's Hanzo and Kotaro's old designs from 2016!