Update April 18, 2022

Hey guys! Just another blog post~ I'm still new to HTML and CSS, but I'm so proud of how far I've gone with my site! When I signed up for Neocities back in November 2020, I had no idea how to code, had very limited knowledge of HTML, and figuring out CSS scared me. I dropped the site for nearly a whole year before picking it up again in October 2021, and I've been going on and off since.

This site originally started as an art archive to store my recent and past art, after becoming dissatisfied with deviantART, Tumblr, and especially Twitter, sites where I've posted my work in the past, and other smaller sites in between. I put all of my work on deviantART in storage except for the goodbye pic, and began to work on the site.

But as I was working on it, I realized that since this is my own site...I can basically turn it into anything I want. So I started making notes and layouts of how I wanted the site to look, haha! It helps a lot, I feel like I need a visual of how I want something to look before I start coding.

Anyway...updates! I decided to make the Cinnaverse a subsite of this site, and you can find the new homepage here! Nothing is linked yet, and it's not mobile friendly as well. I also gave the microblog a huge overhaul!

Right now I'm working on reorganizing the site and just making everything look consistent! I might even move dev to the site to Notepad++... there's a lot! But I'm also excited!