Update December 27, 2021

Hey guys! Hope you're well and had a good Christmas if you celebrate it! Christmas on my end was good, my only gripe was having to go back to work at 6am the next day hah aaaaaaaaaaa

The end of the year is upon us and that means...it's time for the yearly art summary!!!!! In the future I wanna add an art summary section in the gallery, for now, I'm gonna post the sumamry in the 2021 gallery!

I've also added to my improvement meme! Since 2013 or so I've had this tradition of updating it every 3 years. Last time was in 2018!

One last thing I wanna say, I'm also thinking about making a microblog of some sort? It'd really be like Twitter of some sort with little life tidbits, but also not because it'll be on my own site >]