Update November 28, 2021

OOOOOOOH OK OK NEW BLOG FORMAT!!! This site is really coming together and I'm really excited!! aaaa!!!!!

I decided to make use of my test HTML page, which I just use for testing new code instead of putting it directly on the page. It's so useful!

In the previous blog post, I mentioned that I left dA, so that site was no longer my art archive (this site was intended to be an art archive when I made it in 2020 so it all works out???). I've been in the process of adding in art I've completed throughout the year, and I plan to add art for the previous years too! Maybe I'll consider adding a Sketches and Doodles section too? Hmmm decisions decisions...

Anyway I added some new images to the 2021 gallery! Check the gallery to see more~