More Redesigns! May 21, 2020

Originally posted to Wordpress on May 21, 2020.

YUP, got a couple more redesigns! This time it’s the Glacias from planet Snowie and the Motts (renamed to Lespidas) and Beezees from planet Bugroo!

Let’s start with the Glacias. The Glacias are native to planet Snowie, and before their huge redesign, they were based off of snowmen, or snowpeople (sneople)! Here’s their original design from 2012 (left), and a slight redesign from 2016 (right). The original 2012 design is definitely something I wouldn’t design now. One day I’ll get good scans of one of my 2016 sketchbooks…sorry about the crust on that one. x,D

And here’s some concept art of their redesign!

When redesigning, I realized they looked a bit too much like Hornet from HK (which has been influencing my designs lately dhfjs), so I looked for more inspiration! Then I thought of moths. Snow. Moths. SNOTHS.

We’re getting somewhere.

This is the design I landed at. They’re actually on the shorter end, and their wings function similar to Grimm’s wings from HK, meaning they can wrap themselves in them and their arms are attached to them as well! Some of them are also skilled in ice magic!

Now for the Lespidas!

Also based off of moths, these guys are native to planet Bugroo! For the most part, they ‘re private and tend to keep to themselves, so not a lot of communities have been in contact with them. Also, along with the Coleopturies, there aren’t a lot of them living right now (Thanks Spec). They also believe in two gods, the two moons of Bugroo!

And finally the Beezees!

I didn’t…really like the redesign I had for Beezees and redesigned them again! Now they’re fluffy! The old design I had for them, I may just make that the design for Vespas (wasp aliens), since they seemed wasp-like anyway haha