Coleopturies! May 8, 2020

Originally posted to Wordpress on May 8, 2020.

So one morning, like the last post, I felt the need to redesign some aliens before work… so I redesigned the Coleturies Coleopturies! They’re beetle inspired aliens! I actually redesigned them (the Scarabie) once before, but redesigned the other two subgroups as well: Rino Beet/Chalco/Herc Rino and Bupree Ukroma! Actually let’s look at when I redesigned the Scarabie last year!!

I was into Hollow Knight at the time, so their redesign was definitely influenced by that. The design on the left was the last design I remember them having. Anyway! The Scarabies are based off of scarab beetles, and they’re the shortest (4 feet or 121 cm!) and roundest out of the three subgroups! The Rino subspecies are based off of Rhino beetles and they’re the strongest out of the three! They stand at nearly 6 feet (nearly 182 cm) and usually have a set of horns on their head! And the last is the Ukroma, based off of jewel beetles! They’re the tallest out of the three, standing at nearly 7 feet (almost up there with the Specians Ivaanians, but not quite!). They usually have stunning patterns on their shells!

Also, the Coleopturies can retract both sets of arms! Most have all four arms out, but sometimes you’ll see one with only two arms out!

The history of their planet and its demise has stayed basically the same! They come from planet Beetledeo, Coleopturies were the native and only sentient species. They lived peacefully, up until Spec from Ivaaz Termina (named Speccio at the time), attempted to take over and colonize the planet. Beetledeo refused multiple times and Spec reacted by blowing up the planet. Yup.

Spec warned Beetledeo of the planet’s demise, and once other planets got news of it, they rushed as many inhabitants as they could off the planet and to other planets that had a similar environment, Bugroo and Edon. Knowing how technologically advanced Speccio was, the opposing planets had no way to build something that could stop them.

Also, the destruction of Beetledeo was what sparked the Universal War! It was basically all of the galaxies vs. Speccio.

Hope you enjoyed that little lore bit! When I get around to posting Star Quest and the other stories publicly, I hope to share tons of lore and history.